Canmore and Banff Criminal Lawyer

Banff and Canmore are both beautiful mountain towns that sit just outside of Banff National Park and are a tourist centre for the Park. The two towns are a short drive apart and have different personalities. If you’re looking for a more relaxed vacation spot that isn’t quite as busy as Banff, then Canmore may be the right choice.

Canmore is a larger town with around 14,000 people and it’s surrounded by mountains on three sides, including the iconic Three Sisters. The Bow Valley and the surrounding area are incredibly beautiful and there are many hiking trails that are close to town.

The town has a slightly more liveable feel than Banff with two large grocery stores, drugstores, Canadian Tire, and independent retailers that are geared towards locals and Calgarians. It is also a bit more manageable during summer weekends with less crowds and some excellent restaurants.

Getting around in Canmore is easy thanks to the wide array of bus services and shuttles available to tourists and locals alike. However, if you’re not a fan of public transport, you may want to consider renting a car during your visit as parking is very limited and the traffic can be frustrating.

As you would expect, there are RCMP detachments in the region, and the Integrated Traffic Enforcement Unit frequently patrols the Trans-Canada Highway, especially during busy times. The RCMP is particularly active in the area of impaired driving, drug interdiction, and the enforcement of provincial offences.

If you’re charged with a criminal offence in Canmore, you need an experienced and skilled criminal defence lawyer. The penalties that can be imposed for certain types of charges, such as sexual assault, child pornography, and drug possession, are incredibly severe, which means you need an expert in the field to represent you.

You need a criminal lawyer in Canmore who has detailed knowledge of the Canmore Court and comprehensive experience with Canmore law enforcement and Bow Valley issues. Tyson Dahlem has practised criminal law in Canmore and the Bow Valley for over 18 years, and he is an expert at defending cases in the Canmore and Banff courts.

He is a proven criminal defense attorney and can handle all aspects of your case, from the arrest to sentencing. He has defended cases involving sexual assault, drug trafficking, and more.

Canmore’s court system is very different from that of a major city like Calgary, with a court sitting only once a month and all matters being lumped together in one day. This makes it difficult to get the matter into court on the very first date available, even if the RCMP is willing to do so.

The RCMP in Canmore is well regulated and they have a good reputation. They have a robust policy on bail releases, and they will usually release you on an undertaking to appear on your very first court date if you can prove that you have not violated the terms of your release.