Zupa Grochowa or Pea Soup the original Polish Recipe

Zupa Grochowa, a very traditional Polish dish, there are many modern derivatives but this is the original recipe. Beans can be substituted for peas, then the soup is called Fasalowa. This recipe is translated directly from a Polish Cookery Book over 100 years old. (cooking being much simpler in those days)

Zupa Grochowa or Pea Soup the original Polish Recipe - image by FoodPolka.com

Note: dkg = Decagram. 1 Decagram = 10 grams = 0.35274 oz
30 - 40 dkg of peas
25 dkg of green vegetables
15 dkg of bacon
1,5 l of water
5 dkg of onions
2 dkg of fat
2 dkg of flour
1 – 2 clove of garlicmarjoramsalt

1) Clean peas soak in cold boiled  water for few hours, then boil the peas in the same water.
2) When the peas is soft add  salt.
3) Make a stock with bacon and green vegetables.
4) Pass the peas through  a sieve , with the strained stock.
5) Cut the onions in small cubes ,fry till it has  a golden colour, add flour and then mix that with a bit of cold stock to create a roux.
6)  Mix the roux with the soup and boil, add a crushed clove of garlic, marjoram and salt to taste..
7) Add the backon bacon cut in cubes and serve  with fresh bread.The bean soup can be made in  the  same way, you can leave the beans whole. This is a real hearty and tasty soup. made in the traditional polish way. The recipy is for fresh peas although frozen or canned peas can be substituted.
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