Disadvantages and Costs of Hiring a Driveaway Service

Before you hire a driveaway service to move your car, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages. You should also be aware of the educational requirements of driveaway drivers. In addition, you should know how much it will cost you to use one. This article will discuss some of these issues. Also, you will learn about the costs of hiring a driveaway service.

Disadvantages of hiring a professional driver

When it comes to transporting your vehicle, one option is to hire a professional driveaway driver. This service is a great option because it ensures your car is safely delivered to the destination. However, there driveaway service are some disadvantages to hiring a professional driver. First of all, it will cost you more than hiring a traditional auto transporter. Also, you may be unable to split the cost of the service if you own more than one car.

Moreover, drivers working for driveaway services must be licensed, screened and tested for drugs and alcohol. If they fail a test, their CDL license might be revoked. In addition, drivers may also be required to provide additional expenses such as food or lodging for the drive.

Educational requirements for driveaway drivers

If you are looking for a job that requires a high level of driving and vehicle knowledge, consider a career as a driveaway driver. This type of job involves transporting expensive vehicles and is very physically demanding. Advanced driveaway jobs often require transporting tankers, dump trucks, and utility vehicles.

Driveaway jobs are also highly lucrative. A driveaway driver with a bachelor’s degree earns approximately $36,241 a year. Those with a master’s degree can expect to make up to $35,860 per year. Drivers with advanced degrees can also take online courses to improve their skills and earn more money. These courses can teach drivers how to book loads for semi-trucks and become a truck dispatcher. Some programs even teach how to set up a dispatch company.

Driving for a driveaway company requires a driver to have a commercial driver’s license. Applicants should be at least 23 years old and have a clean driving record. Some driveaway companies also require that you have a Class A or B commercial driver’s license. Additionally, you must pass a Federal DOT physical, and you must be able to maintain a clean driving record.

Cost of using a driveaway service

A driveaway service is a type of car shipping service in which the driver drives the vehicle to the final destination. This service has many advantages over standard carrier service, and is a very cost-effective option. However, it has its disadvantages, too. Here are some factors to consider before using this type of service.

The cost of a driveaway service varies. It depends on the distance. The more miles the vehicle has to be driven, the less its value will be. This is especially true for cars that have to be driven long distances. A driveaway service is cheaper when the distance is short.

While the cost is often lower with a driveaway service, you will end up with more mileage on the vehicle. This is because the driveaway service will have to hire additional drivers. These drivers are typically full-time employees of a transportation company. They will be driving your car across the country or even local.